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Berry Go Round
Four giant strawberries capable of holding up to 16 adults or 24 children. While all four berries spin at 7RPM, you can control your own car by holding the center ring and spinning the car as fast as you wish or as slow as you like.
Boomer's Pirate Ship
Ahoy Matey! Climb aboard this vessel and have a grand ole time!  This attraction is meant for the smaller children who may not be ready to take on some of our other attractions.
Buzz Buzz
Take it to the sky on the Buzz Buzz!
Dino Go Round
Dragon Wagon
Kids of all ages love this exciting roller coaster, ride the mystical dragon around the track and you too will feel like you are in mystical land of dragons and knights!
Fly high in the sky on these friendly flying elephants!
Fire Trucks
Kids love this classic Fire Truck ride. Children love the feel of driving their very own red fire truck!
Flying Dragons
Fly high in the sky on these friendly flying dragons!
Fun Slide
The Fun Slide is always a family favorite. The Fun Slide has 3 lanes capable of 3 riders at a time, but please follow the safety rules of this ride carefully!
Merry Go Round
The Blue Sky Merry Go Round sports an Americana theme, featuring red white and blue canvas and a variety of horses.
Motorcycle Jump
The Motorcycle Jump features kid-size motorcycles that pop wheelies, go over jumps, and more.  The Motorcycle Jump has been a favorite kiddie ride for decades.
Puppy Love
Kids will love riding on these tame, cute, puppy dogs! As the ride slowly rotates, the dogs raise up and down. Holds up to 12 people at a time.
Quad Runners
Rev up your engines kids, its time to race on the Quad Runners!  Kids can choose which brightly colored ATV they want to ride on.
Tea Cups
Tea Time! Our teacup ride comes with a beautifully detailed teapot centerpiece and six colorful teacups with four seats each holding 24 children at once! It is a great ride for all ages. A merry-go-round style ride in giant whirling cups that can be made to spin faster or slower by the guests is a classic amusement!
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